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patron saint of shoemakers

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This October marks the 600th anniversary of Crispin's Crispinian, perhaps the most astonishing of all those astonishing victories where the English war bow - the men of the grey goose feather, as part of an all arms battle, killed very large numbers of Frenchmen.
After surviving, and saving a beautiful, young French nun, he joins King Henry's army as an archer, master of the longbow, and becomes the confidant of the spectral, whispering Saint Crispinian.
Feast day of St Crispin and Crispinian, the patron of shoemakers.
More surprisingly at Wells in 1613, in what may have been a defiantly conservative display for a sympathetic queen, other guild saints rode in pageants, such as the Tanners', Chandlers', and Butchers' St Clement and the Cordwainers' St Crispin and St Crispinian.
The cobblers' confraternity of St Crispin and St Crispinian in Paris originated in 1379 as a society of journeymen (compagnons).