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patron saint of shoemakers

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I only started to use the Delcam CRISPIN software four months ago and found design process in full 3D very exciting.
At 39, Father Crispin is the parish's youngest rector since 1949.
Crispin is the founder of Crispin Plastic Surgery located in Atlanta Georgia.
Crispin was equally impressive at the RS Tera Worlds wrapping up the crown with a race to spare.
The Thompson's Mills State Heritage Site near Shedd, the location of possibly the oldest continuous water-powered mill in the American West, will be the focus of a talk by Doug Crispin at 6 p.
Schoolgirl murderer James Lindsay and Juan Carlos Crispin - who stabbed restaurant boss Eleni Pachou to death - had a fallout when Crispin accused Lindsay of cheating at Shotts jail in Lanarkshire.
The TMTI group is owned by entrepreneur Crispin Thomas, who has spent his career in the Mobile business rising to prominence alongside such names as Charles Dunstan and Peter Jones.
Former ING Investment Management Americas CEO Robert Crispin Joins PFM Board
Crispin Blunt, the Tory MP and prisons minister, said there was nobody else involved and appealed for his family's privacy to be respected.
Buckley Crispin filed a complaint in December 2009 against Christian Audigier Inc.
1) Crispin Simon has reinvested the dividend paid on his own
ITV's long-running succession drama has encountered fresh troubles after Sir Crispin Davis bowed out of chairmanship negotiations.
Lynne is partnered in her success by Hillbro' Crispin, a 14.
Crispin is a tester and leads tutorials and workshops on the topic.