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The sole supplier of Crinone to Merck Serono will be Columbia, as per the terms of the amended license and supply agreement and will continue to sell Crinone to Merck Serono on a country by country basis.
However, a few studies observed an increased incidence of luteal phase bleeding in patients supplemented with Crinone.
In the current study, patient-reported luteal phase bleeding occurred with equal frequency among pregnant patients in the Crinone and IMP arms (22% vs 19%).
We are committed to reaching a beneficial conclusion on the pending litigation with Serono and achieving appreciable market penetration of a re-validated Crinone product.
Intravaginal crinone gel eliminates all of these effects, while maintaining the endometrial protective effect of progesterones.
Dominique DeZeigler, director of research and development at Columbia Laboratories in Paris, which manufactures the crinone gel, Dr.
CRINONE is marketed by Watson Pharmaceuticals in the United States and by Merck Serono in foreign countries.
Columbia is focused on the development of specialty pharmaceuticals for women's health, building on the global CRINONE franchise.
Columbia continues to receive product revenue and royalties from its initial commercial product, Crinone, a vaginal progesterone gel used in fertility treatment.
Patient preference for CRINONE 8% has been demonstrated in five clinical trials.