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fastener consisting of a metal ring for lining a small hole to permit the attachment of cords or lines

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EWEN CRINGLES, 31, OBAN I want to know what is going to happen to our pensions.
Cringles, of Coombe Avenue, Coventry, wrote to the judge, Recorder of London Peter Beaumont, saying he was sorry and realised he was lucky no one had been killed.
The service, conducted by the Rev George Cringles, was not relayed outside, but dozens of locals stood in silence throughout the desperately sad occasion.
Jayne Cringles, of Corley, near Coventry, has been traumatised by the hit and run in which a blonde driver crashed her blue Mazda 3 into the Saab she was driving.
Johnson, of Cringles Drive, Prescot, denied he had anything to do with the package, but was convicted of importing cocaine at Liverpool crown court on August 18 1999 and jailed for 10 years.
Mourners at St Blane's sat with heads bowed as the Rev George Cringles told them how he was taken into the gym in the wake of the horrific killings.
Val Cringles, of Binley, Coventry, has sent us this photo of her grandson, Sean Jones Cringles, aged three, snuggling up to a 'gorilla.
John Sharples, of Cringles Drive, Huyton, was sentenced to three months in jail in August, 2000, after David Rogers, 14, was attacked by Sharples' dog and left badly scarred.
The Rev Colin Cringles, of St Blane's Church of Scotland, choked back tears as he struggled to find the words to describe how he and his town were coping.
We will love you always, mum, Ann, Maureen, John and families x x CRINGLES Alex Fond memories.
Forklift-truck driver Alex Cringles was taken ill on a night out with friends and died hours later.
Alexander Cringles raced around the capital just one month after he was released on licence after being jailed for knocking down Coventry bobby PC Suzanne Rogers.
William Kerr Cringles, aged 36, of Darnford Close, Walsgrave, was also faced three charges of failing to comply with a community rehabilitation and punishment order, one of using or threatening violence, one count of possession of cannabis resin and one of assaulting a police constable.