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totally submissive

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but cringingly I did and then praising his performance I saw the look of boredom in his eyes.
Cringingly unfunny, this absurd 'comedy' bounces awkwardly through several uncomfortable scenarios, making little sense of a thin and familiar concept.
However, it is one thing having American politicians telling Iran "where to get off" but an entirely different matter when the Prime Minister of another country, uses these "hopefuls" as a mouthpiece to deliver their message, as has become cringingly obvious in the case of Mitt Romney.
Whatever couples want to call each other is fine, just not if the endearments are cringingly embarrassing in public.
The misstep can be seen on a recently revealed video, in which Cain cringingly stumbles for two minutes in trying to answer whether or not he backed President Barack Obama's policy in Libya.
How dull, how predictable, how cringingly Australian.
As for the ultra-victimised Lib Dems, the 110,000 votes required to elect each of their MPs would have elected four of Labour's - a cringingly embarrassing figure for a 'democracy'.
It is an extraordinary turn of events, though they are unlikely to bother the growing numbers of Britons who are sickened by the cringingly sycophantic attitude toward Washington of successive British governments.
It's cringingly sexist and breathtakingly xenophobic.
How cringingly fantastic was The Apprentice this week?
Her youthful letters, cringingly pious to most modern ears, reflect what one biographer calls an "unforgiving, damnation-conscious form of religion" (Ashton 25) and are a convenient source for any on a quest for evidence of the pathologies of adolescent faith.
Go on to one of the many blogging chat rooms for "expats" here in Greece and the content is cringingly condescending to the country they have chosen to make their home.
5 Superbad (Greg Mottola) A very funny and cringingly accurate musing on high school anxiety, complete with a drunken boy-on-boy "love" scene.
House": Another fine episode Tuesday night (with not one but two mystery diseases), but let's raise the red flag -- now that bringing into the fold the CIA medic with whom House seemed to flirt fairly cringingly throughout the episode may not have been the best idea.
We must demand our rights, boldly, not beg cringingly for mere privileges.