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Synonyms for cringe

Synonyms for cringe

to draw away involuntarily, usually out of fear or disgust

to support slavishly every opinion or suggestion of a superior

an act of drawing back in an involuntary or instinctive fashion

Synonyms for cringe

draw back, as with fear or pain

show submission or fear

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Most of the book is spent with Amos in the drapier trade, trying to be a perfect cringer, always willing to turn on his fellow employees if to do so will improve his lot.
Not surprisingly, ginger cringer Chris Evans earned himself top place in the "nightmare partner" category for his attitude towards his bride Billie Piper.
More than a third of the 1000 people questioned by London's City University said the Irish singer's cover of the Pogues' hit was the worst Christmas cringer ever.
CREEPY-CRAWLIE Fred MacAuley returned to the airwaves this week with a couple of real cringers.
The cringers know that religion can mask all manner of hypocritical mischief in public affairs, and the joyful know that religion can yield a principled striving for a better world.
Runner-up in the list of Christmas cringers - voted by a thousand HMV customers - was There's No-one Quite Like Grandma by St Winifred's School Choir.
Swarms of cringers, suckers, dough-faces, lice of politics"--to borrow Walt Whitman's timely invective--continue doing their worst.