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Synonyms for carmine

a variable color averaging a vivid red


Related Words

color carmine

Related Words

of a color at the end of the color spectrum (next to orange)

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But several tense minutes were spent thinking through the consequences of bonding with the women of the village over Crimson Lake or Buttercup Baby, only to find that nail polish is considered to be the devil's spawn or at the very least the mark of a harlot and that my actions are punishable by death.
First Star also announces that it has completed the farmout of its interest in a deep foothills gas prospect near Strachan, Alberta, previously code named Alpha or Crimson Lake.
With pounds 342,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund, they've spent pounds 500,000 overhauling her to her former working glory, complete with LMS Crimson Lake livery with gold-leaf numerals and insignia.
Although the Duchess has been returned to its authentic 1946 appearance in LMS crimson lake livery, modern safety features have been discreetly incorporated for mainline fast running again.
The wines were up front with flavours, akin to crimson lakes of black currants, tobacco, cedar and bramble brimming from the glass.