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the scientific study of crime and criminal behavior and law enforcement

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Given that criminologists vary tremendously in their assessment of the importance of any particular work, we would discount the opinions of any single author (e.
Such a view does not reveal the more refined and mature position to which contemporary radical criminologists adhere.
The drop in homicides is really striking,'' said professor Alfred Blumstein, a criminologist at Carnegie Mellon University.
If the violent crime figure is confirmed by the final FBI report, normally published in the fall, it would mark a highly significant achievement, criminologists said.
He said he believes his office's efforts are partly responsible for the decline in crime in Los Angeles in recent years, although criminologists have attributed the national decline to changing demographics as the Baby Boom generation ages.
Recent surges in the juvenile arrest rate for violent crimes lead some criminologists to believe that college football will have more players entering school with criminal histories in the near future.
And the number of teen-agers is projected to increase by 20 percent over the next decade, setting off a new surge in crime, many criminologists believe.
Many criminologists are asking whether the current decline will prove as ephemeral as that of the early 1980s.
But criminologists, writers, psychiatrists and scholars suggest that the interest is far more complex - and that it reveals much about Americans' ingrained respect for rugged individualism and our concern about runaway technology.
If passed into law, the proposed measure would mandate the creation of the Professional Regulatory Board for Criminologists, which would supervise and promulgate regulations imposed in the practice of the criminology profession.
KARACHI -- The department of criminology in collaboration with Association of Criminologists for Crime Analysis and Victim Rehabilitation (ACCAVR) organized a public institutional awareness seminar on child abuse, causes, consequences and its prevention in Pakistan at Arts Faculty Auditorium, University of Karachi.
Abdul Hadi, faculty member and president, Association of Criminologists for Crime Analysis and Victim Rehabilitation (ACCAVR), gave a presentation on child abuse and its causes, symptoms and signs.
Think before we rush to judge THE categorisation by criminologists, however eminent, of some murderers as psychopaths is not an exact science as is amply demonstrated by Elizabeth Yardley, associate professor of criminology at Birmingham University (Birmingham Mail, September 23).
Criminologists have known for decades that income inequality is the single best predictor of homicide in a nation, state, or city, but have not found the mechanism that connects the two.
In this report, we do the latter, surveying economists and criminologists who have published peer-reviewed empirical research on their perceptions of the relationship between gun ownership, crime, and suicide.