confidence trick

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a swindle in which you cheat at gambling or persuade a person to buy worthless property

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Farah's charges date back to 1989, when he founded FRM, though--as his attorney clarified, and prosecutors agreed--it was not a criminal scheme until the late 1990s.
According to prosecutors, the full picture of the criminal scheme involving the granting of false documents to foreigners would become clear in the next 10 days.
By doing so, Nathaniel joined his father's long-running criminal scheme to provide information to Russia for financial gain.
The central narrative structure of the show varies little from season to season: the boys leave jail set a criminal scheme of idiotic complexity into motion, get caught and go back to jail.
It was then the criminal scheme unfolded involving Lithuanians "he doesn't know or doesn't want to know.
Three Peruvian congressmen issued a May 3 report accusing President Toledo of taking part in a criminal scheme to forge signatures to register his political party, Peru Posible (PP).
Flatley's lawyer added: "She engaged in a deliberate criminal scheme to extort money from Flatley, inducing him to let her spend the night with him, then threatening to make her false claims public and to ruin him unless she was paid off.
Article 86 of the Egyptian Penal Code stipulates that terrorism "shall include all use of force, violence, threatening, or frightening, which a felon resorts to in execution of an individual or collective criminal scheme, with the aim of disturbing public order, or exposing the safety and security of society to danger".
Adding, "I say it for the Sunnis and the Shiites who raise sectarian slogans not to be a tool for implementing Biden's criminal scheme, who is seeking to break up Iraq.
The government's remaining in power is to cover up the criminal scheme," added the statement by Ahmad Hariri, secretary-general of the Future Movement.
The criminal scheme involved shipping cheap goods from China to Spain, declaring customs on only a small portion of them, and then laundering the profits from sales through front companies such as karaoke bars and restaurants.
Cameron carried on the con for 13 months and it only ended after he was brought to justice for another callous criminal scheme.
Prosecutors charged in the various cases that Gonzalez once named his criminal scheme "Operation Get Rich or Die Tryin'" and that he and his associates had picked victims by choosing possible firms from a list of Fortune 500 companies and then testing them to find out which ones had the weakest computer and data defenses.
The Wiz Sentri: Anti-Fraud solution's new relationship analysis capabilities enable fraud investigators at institutions to quickly uncover correlations among customers, their accounts and employees that may be involved in or impacted by a criminal scheme.
The dossier points to a broad criminal scheme existing within the United States Government, intent on preventing, by force, the faithful execution of the laws.