criminal record

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a list of crimes for which an accused person has been previously convicted


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100,000 people have joined the flagship DBS flagship update service for criminal record checks, in just 8 months.
A swift search reveals several more firms looking for staff but wanting payment up front for criminal record checks, including Marble Link Cleaning & Housekeeping Solution Ltd, ApexLink Care Home Services Ltd and Crown Foods Warehouse Ltd.
Doing this criminal record check for yourself does work.
The call to more frequent use of the criminal record check by the human resource manager made us wonder whether demanding such status reports as a matter of policy would even be legal.
Simultaneously, the two associations will spend the next year designing a system that meets the criminal record check needs of healthcare providers more effectively.
Because officers may detect armed career offenders in a wide variety of circumstances, including disturbances and individuals unlawfully carrying a firearm, all incidents involving firearms should include a criminal record check of the individual in possession of the firearm.
But the General Teaching Council heard his past came back to haunt him when the council carried out a criminal record check after he secured a permanent job as an English teacher at Rainhill in April 2008.
Ms Smith said: "No-one is awarded a licence without a criminal record check and without having their right to work in the UK confirmed.
But there should be stricter gun control laws with at least a criminal record check on purchasers.
We do a criminal record check on all our staff, except the supply staff from agencies, who do their own checks.
This all sounds very promising, but there is a potential - and very ironic - hitch: the criminal record check recently endorsed by the American Health Care Association and other nursing home industry supporters aimed, quite rightly, at reducing resident abuse.
We have to follow procedures," Torbay Council told Craig Hodge who, as a youth football team coach, has already had a criminal record check.
The Welsh Rugby Union has pledged to make junior rugby safer by ensuring that every adult involved undergoes a criminal record check.
Volunteers will be subject to a criminal record check and will get expenses and training.
Caroline and John Clark of Disclosure Services turned their criminal record check expertise from a care home business into a new venture.