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Synonyms for homicide

Synonyms for homicide

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the killing of a human being by another human being

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Part I offenses, as defined by the Uniform Crime Reporting Program, consist of the following crimes: Criminal homicide, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary/breaking and entering, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson.
Gomez accused the company of criminal homicide and the government of negligence.
A Springfield man will not face criminal homicide charges for running a red light and crashing his pickup into three young children - killing them - as they walked with their mother in a crosswalk.
He says: I am satisfied that there is no evidential basis upon which to reopen any criminal homicide investigation or refer the matter back to the coroner.
London, August 28 ( ANI ): A Pennsylvanian woman has been charged with criminal homicide after she gave birth to a son in a pub toilet, suffocated him and dumped the baby's body in a toilet.
PITTSBURGH -- A University of Pittsburgh medical researcher was charged with criminal homicide for allegedly poisoning his wife, a neurologist at the university's medical school, authorities said Thursday, and Pittsburgh police were in Florida to arrest him.
The cases are built on the same sets of facts, but one is a criminal homicide case and the other a civil wrongful death case.
Gomez accused Grupo Mexico of criminal homicide and the government of negligence and called for an investigation and removal of the Minister of Labor.
She was formally charged with criminal homicide on April 20.
Criminal homicide is down by nearly 67 percent from last year, but a careful review of each previous slaying might help explain the drop, Young said.
2 The FBI Uniform Crime Report defines Part I offenses as criminal homicide, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny, motor vehicle theft, and arson.
And it remains unclear whether a still-open investigation will generate the evidence that prosecutors would need to file criminal homicide charges against the 68-year-old retired truck driver.
Hein has been charged with criminal homicide and could face the death penalty if convicted.
Among their topics are principles and working vocabulary, constitutional limitations and protections, theft offenses and fraudulent practices, criminal homicide, sex offense, crimes against moral values, crimes against the administration of justice and public orders, inchoate offenses and party liability, defense to criminal responsibility, and white collar crime.
Lytle is currently being held in state custody on a probation violation, a charge of attempted criminal homicide, and other charges related to last Thursday's incident.
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