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a list of crimes for which an accused person has been previously convicted


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Having worked with Unisys for many years, we believe it is the ideal partner to help us transform the Pennsylvania State Police's criminal history system into a next generation law enforcement data center operation," said Dean Stefan, manager of Pennsylvania's Data PowerHouse initiative.
17 and if convicted, he could spend up to 5 3/4 years in prison because of his criminal history.
THERE are plenty of heroes who played a role in the rescue of two Antelope Valley teenagers abducted by Roy Ratliff, a violent fugitive with a long criminal history.
Luckily, the information came to light prior to sentencing, but had the defendant's criminal history been available from the start, the case could have been handled differently.
As unthinkable as it may be to most Americans, individuals have been able to apply for and hold positions in private security while using a false identity or concealing a criminal history," said Shirley Pierini, CPP, president of ASIS.
Garcia has a criminal history involving narcotics and weapons violations (as well as being a suspect in two attempted murders).
This article specifically discusses the legal defensibility of the following hiring standards: 1) Physical fitness testing; 2) educational requirements; 3) psychological testing; 4) polygraph examinations; and 5) criminal history assessments.
OSBI is a full service accredited state investigative, forensic, and criminal information agency that provides law enforcement services throughout Oklahoma and holds the central repository for criminal history information for the entire State.
Accurate and complete criminal history information is critical to the operation of the criminal justice system.
Patriot Act to conduct focused background checks, including fingerprint-based biometric criminal history checks, of all commercial drivers who apply for, renew or transfer an endorsement to transport hazardous materials (HAZMAT), including explosives.
If a search is done by ZIP code, residents can find out the number of sex offenders residing in their area, the offenders' names, pictures and criminal history.
based employment screening companies, just launched an enhanced New York Criminal History Report.
He has not had any prior criminal history to our knowledge.
Using a wide variety of search criteria, including name, address, aliases and related parties, users will be able to instantly locate an individual and find critical background information and complete public record information including criminal history, civil actions, bankruptcies and liens and property ownership records.
Giles refused to comment on Pitchford's criminal history.
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