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Last January, the California Supreme Court upheld the use of injunctions as a constitutional means of targeting criminal gang members in an area.
A YOUNG soldier was questioned by gardai this week for allegedly helping criminal gangs in the use and supply of illegal guns.
Initial investigation with her confirmed that she is active with a criminal gang deceiving victims through the claim of providing employment contracts for them in the Arabian Gulf States in return for money.
Smith said the crew had faced "physical intimidation from a criminal gang that didn't want us there to film their activities.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The organized crime unit of the ystanbul Police Department has uncovered a criminal gang that is suspected of having influenced, through some judges and prosecutors with whom they are closely connected, a wide range of cases heard at local courts and even at the Supreme Court of Appeals.
The sources said that contingent of security forces was moved from Quetta on a complaint of local area people about the presence of criminal gang involved in the robberies, kidnappings and other crimes.
About a week later, inmates started to sew their lips together, an act he said was forced on frightened prisoners by the criminal gang in his facility.
Police estimate that there are around 1,000 criminal gang members in Unity state.
lt;em>BBC</em> reported that Karachi officials believe the bombing was the work of rival criminal gang, and now related to political terrorism.
Summary: Kosovo's Prime Minister has dismissed a report suggesting he headed a criminal gang behind a trade in the kidneys of civilian detainees.
In collaboration with the Ministry of Population and Family Affairs, Giza police Friday busted an organised criminal gang that forced a number of homeless children to steal and beg from passers-by.
Summary: Authorities didn't know whether the Mansour suspects were insurgents or a criminal gang.
Summary: Sale - The appeal court of Sale (Rabat twin city) sentenced, on Tuesday, Ibrahim Murray Lee to 10 years in prison for setting up a criminal gang, armed robbery, Kidnapping and forgery.
But under Kony's leadership, the group morphed into an armed criminal gang, best known for committing unspeakable atrocities against civilians--many of them children--in Uganda, Congo and Central African Republic.
A POLICE force's failure to share intelligence contributed to the deaths of a couple at the hands of a criminal gang, an inquest ruled.
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