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Synonyms for defendant

the accused


Synonyms for defendant

a person against whom an action is brought

Synonyms for defendant

a person or institution against whom an action is brought in a court of law

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According to Kane County State's Attorney Joe McMahon, the court had ordered that more than 100 criminal defendants wear ankle bracelets, in lieu of being housed full-time in county jail or being released.
This control variable is important because some cases are so strong (or weak) that justices will vote for or against the criminal defendant regardless of their ideological predisposition or the influence of television ads.
A direct appeal is initiated by a criminal defendant filing a notice of appeal in the district court and in the Supreme Court of Iowa within thirty days of a final judgment--usually sentencing.
State, the Florida Supreme Court recently interpreted the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution to hold that a criminal defendant cannot decide for himself the manner in which he will present his criminal defense.
Good testified he heard someone cry for help and saw one man straddling the other but claimed the victim was on top not the criminal defendant, George Zimmerman.
According to Fox News, Bowden said that Obama believed that 'affording terrorists the full rights of criminal defendants would showcase the US' commitment to justice for even the worst of the worst.
Most recently, the Virginia State Bar issued Legal Ethics Opinion 1857 (2011), which opined that a criminal defense lawyer may not ethically advise a criminal defendant to accept a plea that includes waiving the right to make a claim of ineffective assistance of counsel as a personal conflict of interest of the lawyer.
While the criminal defendant certainly has an interest in obtaining a favorable outcome, they also have an interest in the execution of their defense.
The median length of stay for treat-until-fit criminal defendant patients is less than three months, she said.
114) This Article largely ignores these invented categories because they appear nowhere else in the law, (115) because they do not capture all of the kinds of mental disorder evidence that a criminal defendant might want to present, (116) and because it is quite clear that the trial judge in Clark interpreted Arizona state law as prohibiting Clark from presenting any kind of mental disorder evidence for the purpose of raising reasonable doubt about mens rea.
The expense and burden of e-discovery must be balanced against the potential of a criminal defendant losing one's liberty.
Circuit ruled that federal judges cannot use "a greater likelihood of rehabilitation" to justify a longer prison sentence for a criminal defendant, reported the BLT: The Blog of Legal Times.
A criminal defendant proved guilty after a fair trial does not have the same liberty interests as a free man," Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in the majority opinion.