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Synonyms for conviction

Synonyms for conviction

the fact or condition of being without doubt

something believed or accepted as true by a person

Synonyms for conviction

an unshakable belief in something without need for proof or evidence

(criminal law) a final judgment of guilty in a criminal case and the punishment that is imposed

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A SEX offender found guilty of fraud after lying about his criminal convictions on job applications has walked free from court.
The British Boxing Board of Control frown upon criminal convictions and their powers range from written warnings to removal of a licence to box.
The main thing we look out for are people who have, for instance, lied about their qualifications, as well as those people who try to get into the profes-sion who have criminal convictions.
An authorization by the applicant for certain background checks, such as records pertaining to criminal convictions.
In 2008, the Vermont Legislature passed a new law allowing for Vermont criminal conviction records to be purchased and retrieved online.
A WELSH police force has 26 serving officers and four community support officers with criminal convictions, new figures show.
Opting for the latter avoids being recorded on police databases as having a criminal conviction.
They are aware that any criminal conviction will make them subject to removal.
Supreme Court decision to overturn the criminal conviction of Arthur Andersen must represent a bittersweet victory for the approximately 28,000 employees who lost their jobs and, in many cases, their pensions when the government secured this now reversed conviction.
Arriva Trains Northern said parents should warn their children that bad behaviour could lead to a ban from using train services and possibly to a criminal conviction.
In many circumstances--not only fistfights--a criminal conviction will be fatal to a coverage claim concerning the conduct.
Richards said: "I am fed up deflectimg omments about Hammond and his criminal conviction for sordid activities.
Today we tabled the Costs of Criminal Convictions Bill 2015, which will see offenders pay criminal conviction costs of $50 when sentenced by the Magistrates Court and $150 when sentenced by the Supreme Court.
West Yorkshire Police said there was insufficient evidence to secure a criminal conviction over the death of Archie-Lee Hirst, who was killed on December 28 by the family pet, which was described as weighing "in the region of seven to 10 stone".
And she said another worker, with a criminal conviction, still works at the hospital and this information was ignored at her trust appeal hearing.