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Synonyms for indictment

Synonyms for indictment

a charging of someone with a misdeed

Synonyms for indictment

a formal document written for a prosecuting attorney charging a person with some offense

an accusation of wrongdoing

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In response to the Westray Mine disaster, the federal government amended the Criminal Code to allow criminal charges in serious cases of workplace fatalities or injuries.
South Korea's push for criminal charges came after an investigation into 20 diesel-powered cars that was launched after German carmaker Volkswagen had admitted having installed devices aimed at cheating emissions tests in 11 million vehicles globally.
It would be unprecedented for the parent companies or main banking arms of so many major banks to plead guilty to criminal charges in a coordinated action.
Ann Itto, the acting secretary general of the SPLM, said the party at its political bureau meeting, agreed that all criminal charges against the former detainees be dropped to enhance their return to Juba.
The group is calling on city officials to reconsider filing criminal charges against those who engage in nonviolent protest actions.
Avon and Somerset Police have now informed us that the Crown Prosecution Service will not be bringing criminal charges.
While there is no doubt that the comments will have been deeply upsetting to the families and simply oensive, the threshold for proceeding with a criminal charge is very high.
According to official statistics, a total of 1,669 personnel of the Delhi Police -- a force that has often been criticised for being apathetic and, at times, brutal to victims -- have been booked on criminal charges till now.
The US Justice Department, responding to growing criticism that Washington has been too kind to banks that violate sanctions, is planning to level criminal charges against the French BNP Paribas bank for helping Iran move money through the United States,
Global Banking News-May 1, 2014--Reports indicate that Credit Suisse and BNP could face criminal charges
You have to come back to us by the end of February 28 when you submit the report," Bello told the DOJ representative, Assistant City Prosecutor Darlene Pajarito, even as he observed that only low ranking officials were slapped with criminal charges.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Iraqi Ministry of Justice announced today the execution of 11 convicts for terrorist and criminal charges.
BP PLC (NYSE:BP) agreed Thursday to settle criminal charges over its 2010 crude oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico by paying $4 billion to the U.
Documents submitted to the court showed he is unlikely to face criminal charges.
No criminal charges are expected as the criminal investigation of MF Global's loss of $1 billion in customer money comes to an end, the New York Times reports.