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pecuniary reimbursement to the winning party for the expenses of litigation

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In the Romano-canonical civil law tradition of the European continent and the Iberian world, the judge often initiates and always supervises the criminal proceedings, thereby enhancing the importance of his court officials in the course of the investigation and other judicial activities.
441 (1972) where the Supreme Court ruled that governmental entities may compel a public employee to answer questions upon pain of job loss as long as the compelled statement cannot be used during criminal proceedings against the person who made it.
The decision whether or not to prosecute a police officer involves considerations of sufficiency and admissibility of evidence and it must be in the public interest to bring criminal proceedings.
Finally, Applicants request the institution of criminal proceedings against the Respondent George Bush for committing the international crime of genocide by the appropriate international organs and by all States of the World Community under their respective municipal legal systems.
Chief Superintendent David Baker, head of West Midlands Police complaints and discipline department, said: 'This officer has been re-instated and there are to be no criminal proceedings.
argued that closing the voir dire process, as it is called, violated the media and public's First Amendment right of access to criminal proceedings.
Rough justice: criminal proceedings in Nigerian magistrates courts, Bankole A.
By MAUREEN KAKAHbrThe High Court has suspended criminal proceedings against businessman Jimi Wanjigi that are currently before a Nyeri court.
Through the identified drug profile, it will be possible to compare them with other secured consignments of drugs in various criminal proceedings not only in the Czech Republic but also around the world, thereby effectively conducting international investigations and detecting international organized groups of offenders committing drug crimes.
Deciding upon the Prosecution Motion to order the Suspect Adem Abaz into custody, on 16 January 2018, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina rendered the Decision granting the Prosecution motion and ordering the Suspect Adem Abaz into custody, on grounds of Article 132 (1) (b) of the CPC of BIH (a justified risk that if at liberty the Suspect might influence witnesses and accomplices or hinder the criminal proceedings by destroying, hiding, altering or forging evidence or clues relevant to the criminal proceedings).
At criminal proceedings level, the judiciary practice from the previous years and the opinions from the doctrine in the area have evidenced the necessity of a speedy criminal trial in order to re-establish the rule of law, which was infringed.
Enquiries are being held on such kinds of applications under relevant provisions of law and delinquent officers are being dealt with departmentally as well as recommended for criminal proceedings by the courts of law.
The accused, six from Deutsche Bank and four from Barclays, are the first to face criminal proceedings as a result of the SFO's investigation into the alleged manipulation of the Euro Interbank Offered Rate (Euribor).
Early in November 2013, Ionnides said, his clients had informed him that Neocleous was presenting Cyprus police documents before a Russian court saying criminal proceedings had been launched against them.