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Synonyms for investigation

Synonyms for investigation

the act or an instance of exploring or investigating

a seeking of knowledge, data, or the truth about something

a close or systematic study

Synonyms for investigation

an inquiry into unfamiliar or questionable activities

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Summary: The police registered the case against the Congress leader under Section 156 of the Criminal Procedure Code.
The Code of Criminal Procedure governs criminal law in Texas and includes statutes on arrests, warrants, trials and appeals.
The Public Prosecution in Abu Dhabi has taken steps to implement the directive waiving the criminal procedures on security cheques, said the Gulf News report.
Since the presidential order, on October 25, the Public Prosecution in Abu Dhabi has taken executive measures to implement the directive waiving the criminal procedures on security cheques.
According to Maya Manolova, MP from the Bulgarian Socialist Party, the reasons for the adoption of the amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code were only political.
In Hungary, the first Criminal Procedure Code (hereinafter--CPC) of 1896 (Act XXXIII of 1896) already introduced the prohibition of reformatio in peius, which was in effect until 1949.
Allen anticipated (and influenced) many of the arguments advanced by the Warren Court when it launched its so-called revolution in American criminal procedure in the 1960s.
His law review articles and books are now "classics" in a broad array of criminal law fields: (1) conspiracy law, (2) trial procedures, (3) the insanity defense, (4) comparative criminal procedure, (5) prosecutorial discretion and plea bargaining, (6) victims' rights, and (7) the criminal jury.
Inspired by debates over the role played by the criminal law in early modern and modern English social relations, historians over the last thirty years have demonstrated a strong interest in the development of criminal procedure and the institutions of judicial administration.
Code dealing with obstruction of justice within the context of crimes and criminal procedure.
Constitution or in the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure," note Soafer and Williams.
The court decided to terminate the trial in accordance with the former Criminal Procedure Law in line with a request from prosecutors who decided to drop the case when they learned that the man had fled to South Korea several years ago.
Akhil Reed Amar's The Constitution and Criminal Procedure is an extremely well-researched, thought-provoking analysis of the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth amendments to the Constitution.
Indeed, enlightened criminal procedure is so important to Americans that they enshrined it in their Constitution over 200 years ago.
As advertised, Amar is indeed addressing the "first principles" of constitutional criminal procedure.
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