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Synonyms for adultery



Synonyms for adultery

extramarital sex that willfully and maliciously interferes with marriage relations

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1 and the Recommendations of the National Commission on Reform of Federal Criminal Laws 10 (Feb.
The federal government, which is responsible for all criminal law across the country.
A priest who has sex with a child commits a grave moral wrong and also violates the criminal law.
Free-market public-interest law firms, such as the Pacific Legal Foundation and Washington Legal Foundation, are pushing to return environmental offenses to the traditional realms of administrative, civil, and criminal law.
Incarceration should be mandated only as a last resort, and more effective alternatives to prison should instead be incorporated into the criminal law.
But perhaps there is something more: It could be that the experience of being victimized strips away the layers of corporate created by million-dollar Madison Avenue advertising, giving victims a more accurate picture of the interests our criminal law protects and those that it should be protecting.
Because this issue of LawNow is prepared around the theme of "most important" legal decisions, I will attempt in this column and the next, to review some of the most significant Canadian decisions in the area of criminal law.
Likewise, albeit on a rather more mundane note, we propose to ask whether, in the wake of criminal laws such as Sarbanes-Oxley, certain kinds of corporate executives may decide to flee the scene and, if they do, what sort of men and women will be left behind.
Produced in association with the European Criminal Bar Association (London), the title also carries articles on: the substantive criminal law deriving from EU treaties, EU legislation and under the European Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms; the protection of rights of accused and suspected persons; problems of access to justice; identification of criminal laws at the national level which require alignment in order to promote essential freedoms and ensure common standards; EU agencies such as Europol and Eurojust; the European Arrest Warant and other EU initiatives on criminal law and procedure; and, the harmonization of criminal law within the EU.
THE EUROPEAN Parliament's legal affairs committee has backed the first attempt to harmonise European Union (EU) criminal laws, a directive that insists the 27 member states criminalise any deliberate infringement of intellectual property rights, a key issue for the tobacco industry.
Members of Congress do not hesitate to enact criminal laws addressing whatever the public concern of the day happens to be, whether or not the Constitution gives them the authority to do so.
The courts recognize that there is a continuum between pure public health laws and criminal laws.
Graham said her office will not ``duplicate the work of the federal investigation,'' and instead will examine potential violations of Utah criminal laws.