statute of limitations

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a statute prescribing the time period during which legal action can be taken

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In a recent study conducted by Harris Interactive (Nasdaq: HPOL), a leading market research and polling firm, 72% of Americans expressed their belief that parents should be held responsible for the criminal actions of their children.
But when the United States and Canada and other countries try to deport Iranians after they finish prison terms for criminal actions, Iran will not accept them back.
He added that these defendants have swear allegiance to the terrorist Daash and they are now exercising brutal criminal actions, declaring the innocence of the clan from them.
Meanwhile, investigations by the HHS Office of Inspector General resulted in 867 criminal actions against individuals or entities that engaged in crimes related to Medicare and Medicaid and 529 civil actions, which include false claims and unjust-enrichment lawsuits.
Vice-president Hashimi was charged with terrorism and criminal actions.
23 Semiannual Report that it worked on almost 1,000 criminal actions against healthcare organizations and individuals involved in illegal activity.
I do not reject that our judicial centers are overcrowded but figures show that crime and criminal actions in Iran are much low in comparison with the other countries," Esmayeeli said, adding that a large number of inmates in Iran are in prison for drug-related crimes.
While it is in no way possible to justify the criminal actions of the last few days, it would be true to say that "we reap what we sow".
He said that those arrested would soon be brought before the media persons to narrate their modus operandi and expose those on whose directions they committed criminal actions.
He said those guilty of abuse must "answer before God and properly constituted tribunals for the sinful and criminal actions they have committed".
The court accuses the fugitive al-Houthi of leading an armed terrorist gang and committing a number of criminal actions across the country during the period 2004-2009.
Such a barbaric massacre and the death of 290 innocent civilians undoubtedly is another indication of the numerous criminal actions of the US government.
We are not complacent and will continue to implement measures to address the behaviour of those who harm the community through criminal actions.
ANNE Hovey, Regional Officer for the National Association of Headteachers Cymru, gave the impression that Paul Davies, a school head teacher whose criminal actions sentenced a father and husband to a life in a wheelchair and forced him to live away from his family, should not be punished because he has a professional record of "success and achievement".
The cause for the self-inflicted harm for those who may be negative and the borderline criminal actions from those who willingly and irresponsibly pass the HIV may range from plain stupidity to intoxication, with layers of self-hate, maliciousness, and hedonism in between.