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the ratio of crimes in an area to the population of that area

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The City of Malabon has been recognized by the Regional Peace and Order Council (RPOC) as the city with the lowest crime rate in Metro Manila with almost 40 percent reduction of crime incidents in 2017.
Tunis is credited with the lowest crime rate and the highest safety level on the African continent, 36.
Those fears have been stoked by President Donald Trump, whose rhetoric of "American carnage" reinforced the idea that crime rates are on the rise.
He said: "My research shows that areas with very high concentrations of immigrant populations tend to have much lower police-recorded crime rates than areas with low or medium concentrations of immigrants.
In July, average monthly crime rates for index crimes reached 52.
More of a gas stop while driving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, this Southern California city has two things going for it: good weather and low crime rates.
Summary: Innovative ideas for improving the quality of safety and security services have contributed a great deal in reducing the crime rate.
Among the nation's top cities, crime rates remained stagnant during this time, dropping by only 0.
Teesside has the 11th highest crime rate in England and Wales, outside the Greater London area.
Khaled Al-Bishr, a former official at Naif Arab University for Security Sciences, said crime statistics must be compared to population figures to ascertain discrepancies in crime rates compared to previous years.
The study continues with a description of the Tobit regression model used to analyze crime rates and a summary of the associated empirical results.
Highest crime rates were recorded in Farwaniya, Hawalli and Ahmadi governorates, he said.
Highest crime rates were seen in Farwaniya, Hawalli and Ahmadi governorates, respectively, he said.
Moreover they concluded that small differences in probabilities of apprehension and income inequality can generate a significantly large difference in the crime rates in similar environments.
58 of every 1,000 learners but it paled in comparison to the capital where the 19 highest crime rates were all recorded.
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