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As well as upcoming flick Black Mass, his life of crime was also depicted in the 2006 Martin Scorsese-directed blockbuster The Departed, in which Jack Nicholson plays a crime boss loosely based on him.
Bakytbek Jetigenov, member of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan (Ar Namys), member of the counter-corruption parliamentary committee, is friend of crime boss Almaz Bokushev.
Cheers: Crime boss John Gilligan lives it up at his release party
The developments followed of clashes on Sunday which left local crime boss Ali Abu Hussein and is his brother dead after he attempted to kidnap a woman from the Christian "Marzouk" family in Nazlet Abdel Massih, located in the Minya governorate.
Kinky Boots" does provide another opportunity to enjoy the versatile talents of Chiwetel Ejiofor, who you may remember as the crime-solving porter in "Dirty Pretty Things," or the master-of-humiliation crime boss in "Four Brothers," or as Denzel Washington's partner in Spike Lee's current hit "The Inside Man.
A purported crime boss who was being held as a pretrial detainee petitioned for a writ of habeas corpus, challenging his detention in a restrictive special housing unit.
By the end of the story, when Pavel defeats a Chinese crime boss by imprisoning him in stone (a trick he learns from a magic Oreo cookie), the reader is left wondering why De Niro was even mentioned.
He sees his opportunity when heavyweight crime boss Jimmy Price (Cranham) hires him to locate the drug addict daughter of all-powerful crime boss Eddie Ryder (Gambon).
THE girl friend of New York crime boss Peter Gotti has been found dead in a motel room and police believe she killed herself.
It follows a deal between James Gandolfini, who plays crime boss Tony Soprano, and US cable network HBO over a pay dispute which threatened the show.
Caption: ALBERT KRIEGER, center, well known for his representation of reputed crime boss John Gotti, was the keynote speaker at the Palm Beach County Bar Association's Law Week luncheon.
Like a crime boss who blossoms into a local hero, the president has cultivated a sensational market niche: John Gotti as commander-in-chief.
A foreign national and organized crime boss residing in the United States eludes conviction on other crimes for several years but is arrested and convicted for altering U.
He is best known for personally prosecuting the government's winning case against crime boss John Gotti, who is now serving a life sentence.
DOUBLE TAKE JOHNNY Depp is barely recognisable after being made up to look like the crime boss, right