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a sudden rise in the crime rate

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The performance of the criminal justice system may be questioned by the media during supposed crime waves.
Campaigns by news media that focus on crime waves appeal to journalists' sense of conflict as a news value, which is at the top of their news value priorities.
This research builds on the literature documenting the construction of crime waves and associated media campaigns.
For more than twelve months, The Bulletin campaigned ceaselessly to have more police drafted into the Gold Coast, arguing that was the only way to stop what was threatening to build into an unstoppable crime wave.
However, the statistical evidence of the incidence of crime, including assault and violence, did not always justify the claims that the Gold Coast was experiencing a crime wave, or that it was deserving of the label of 'crime capital of Australia' (GCB, 23 July 2011: 4; 8 August 2011: 25; 1 December 2011: 7).
Additional variables included headlines, informants (sources), attribution of causes for or solutions to the crime wave, and the use of emotive terminology such as 'crime wave', 'epidemic', 'crisis' and 'out of control'.
Analysis of the GCB reporting of a local crime wave revealed a highly politicised media campaign.
And many now believe prevention may also prove key to reducing future crime waves.
If it is true that crime is not dead and that there are crime waves of magnitudes that we have yet to encounter ahead of us, than the quality of your guard service will make a profound difference in a property's safety and value.