Cricetus cricetus

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a variety of hamster common to Europe and Asia

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2000: Colour variation in the common hamster Cricetus cricetus in the north-eastern foot-hills of the Harz Mountains.
1975: Postnatal development of the common hamster Cricetus cricetus (L.
DNA for the hamster species Cricetulus sokolovi (Sokolov's hamster), Cricetulus barabensis (striped dwarf hamster), Cricetulus longicaudatus (long-tailed dwarf hamster), Cricetulus pseudogriseus (Transbaikal hamster), Cricetulus migratorius (gray dwarf hamster), Cricetus cricetus (black-bellied hamster) and Allocricetulus eversmanni (Eversmann's hamster) were generously supplied by Dr.
Additionally Cricetulus migratorius and Cricetus cricetus also lack the B2 element in AY188393, and no product was generated for Allocricetulus eversmanni (Table 2).
2010: Population structure, colonization processes and barriers for dispersal in the common hamster Cricetus cricetus (L.
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