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type genus of the Cricetidae: Old World hamsters

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1945: Evolutionary studies on the distribution and dynamics of melanism in the hamster (Cricetus cricetus L.
1946: The role of natural selection in distribution and dynamics of melanism in common hamster (Cricetus cricetus L.
15) The Mutans Streptococci group (MS) is classified, according to the nucleotide sequence of its 16S ribosomal RNA, in eight species (mutans, sobrinus, cricetus, dawnei, ferus, macacae, ratti, and hyovaginalis); of these, S.
A recent analysis of DNA sequences of hamsters, in the rodent subfamily Cricetinae (family Cricetidae, superfamily Muroidea), generated a significant phylogenetic restructuring among the genera Tscherkia, Cricetus, Allocricetulus and Cricetulus.
56) Cricetus barabensis -- -- 0/5 Cricetus migratorius -- -- -- Cricetus triton 1/5 (20) -- -- Clethrionomys rutilus -- -- 0/13 Clethrionomys rufocanus 0/23 4/37 (10.
This compression also appears to be true of several other murid rodents such as Cricetus and Rattus (Smith, unpubl.
2009: Low genetic diversity and significant structuring of the common hamster populations Cricetus cricetus in Poland revealed by the mtDNA control region sequence variation.
Identification of another surface protein antigen I/II gene, pacB, and a putative transcriptional regulator gene, par, from Streptococcus cricetus.
The Commission has decided to send a reasoned opinion to Germany for failure to properly ensure the protection of the habitats of an endangered hamster, the Cricetus cricetus.