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American porcupine M Castoridae Castor canadensis American beaver L Cricetidae Neotoma magister Allegheny woodrat S Microtus spp.
Small mammals showed a high number of species and families for bats (Phyllostomidae, Emballonuridae and Mormoopidae), marsupials (Didelphidae) and rodents (Sciuridae, Heteromyidae, Cricetidae and Echimyidae), very close to values found in other localities of the Northern side of the country (Handley 1976, Ochoa et al.
Three genera in the family Heteromyidae and 10 genera within two subfamilies (one in Sigmodontinae, nine in Neotominae) of the family Cricetidae were captured.
Dry season diet composition of Eligmodontia moreni (Rodentia, Cricetidae, Sigmodontinae) in a hyper-arid region of the Monte desert (Mendoza, Argentina)
Dentro de un area de 1 m2 de excavacion, se registraron diversos restos del esqueleto apendicular y axial de especies extintas pertenecientes a las familias Camelidae, Cervidae, Cricetidae, Artiodactyla, Equidae, Mylodontidae, Canidae y restos del Orden Xenarthra, que fueron recuperados en concentraciones discretas dispuestas sobre una unidad estratigrafica caracterizada por una grava arcillosa en una matriz de arena fina a limo y arcillas con presencia de lentes de carbon.
A recent analysis of DNA sequences of hamsters, in the rodent subfamily Cricetinae (family Cricetidae, superfamily Muroidea), generated a significant phylogenetic restructuring among the genera Tscherkia, Cricetus, Allocricetulus and Cricetulus.
For example, the rodent Cricetidae, Holochilus brasiliensis, which is highly infected with S.
Nephelomys meridensis is a rodent of the Cricetidae family, formerly in the " albigularis" group of Oryzomys (Weksler et al.
Outgroup: We used Copemys longidens as an out-group because the species has been considered an ancestor of North American Cricetidae, and is also closely related with its probable ancestor Democricetodon from Eurasia (Lindsay, 1995).
To investigate whether small mammals, especially bicolored white-toothed shrews (Crocidura leucodon), which act as BDV reservoirs in Switzerland (1,2), harbor BDV in diseaseendemic areas in Bavaria, Germany, we screened 120 small mammals (53 from the family Cricetidae, 41 from the family Muridae, and 26 from the family Soricidae) (Table).
Results showed that rodent assemblages in dense ungrazed grasslands were dominated by species in the family Cricetidae, especially in the genera Baiomys (pygmy mice), Reithrodontomys (harvest mice) and Sigmodon (cotton rats).