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the largest Greek island in the Mediterranean

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But who ever saw a brazen image that had sense enough to walk round an island three times a day, as this giant walks round the island of Crete, challenging every vessel that comes nigh the shore?
And he whirled his club aloft more threateningly than ever, as if he were about to smite them with a thunderstroke right amidships, because Athens, so little while ago, had been at war with Crete.
In a few moments, this wondrous sentinel was far away, flashing in the distant sunshine, and revolving with immense strides round the island of Crete, as it was his never-ceasing task to do.
If the figure that guarded Crete was made of brass, then the monarch, who ruled over it, might be thought to have a still harder metal in his breast, and might have been called a man of iron.
No," answered the young man; "I will never leave Crete unless I can first slay the Minotaur, and save my poor companions, and deliver Athens from this cruel tribute.
There can be nothing else so intricate, unless it were the brain of a man like Daedalus, who planned it, or the heart of any ordinary man; which last, to be sure, is ten times as great a mystery as the labyrinth of Crete.
On this mishap, he bellowed so intolerably that a part of the labyrinth tumbled down, and all the inhabitants of Crete mistook the noise for an uncommonly heavy thunder storm.
When she had heard what one of the million voices speaking in the paper had to say, and noticed that a cousin of hers had married a clergyman at Minehead--ignoring the drunken women, the golden animals of Crete, the movements of battalions, the dinners, the reforms, the fires, the indignant, the learned and benevolent, Mrs.
External relations is altogether a different sort of book, despite the fact that it too is centred round a catalogue--in this case of foreign artefacts found in Crete and of Cretan artefacts found overseas in the period between the eleventh and seventh centuries BC.
A spokeswoman for the Foreign Office said: 'The Crete police were informed and an air, sea and land search was launched.
The topography of this strip of land is full of recollections of the Battle of Crete in 1941.
Beginning in 1211 and for the nearly four hundred and sixty years that Venice possessed the island of Crete, there exists a rich mine of diplomatic sources located in the State Archives of Venice, in the form of the Archives of the Duke of Candia (as Crete was called in the pre-modern period).
If Elaine has her way, our evening entertainment in Crete will be drinking champagne on the roof terrace every night, soaking in the Jacuzzi while we also admire the stunning views.
Hogan, who is accused of murder, was sent to the secure unit because it was feared he might attempt suicide at the hospital in Crete where he was being treated for his injuries.
Speaking from the Crete home the couple had shared, Sherrie said: 'It was a dreadful shock.