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the largest Greek island in the Mediterranean

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My house grew apace and I became a great man among the Cretans, but when Jove counselled that terrible expedition, in which so many perished, the people required me and Idomeneus to lead their ships to Troy, and there was no way out of it, for they insisted on our doing so.
He said he had seen Ulysses with Idomeneus among the Cretans, refitting his ships which had been damaged in a gale.
After the punishment of Telphusa for her deceit in giving him no warning of the dragoness at Pytho, Apollo, in the form of a dolphin, brings certain Cretan shipmen to Delphi to be his priests; and the hymn ends with a charge to these men to behave orderly and righteously.
the war, thousands of Greek Orthodox Cretans (27) fled to mainland
At first, the Cretans fed and sheltered the soldiers, putting their own lives in danger.
The tourists gaze, the Cretans glance; archaeology and tourism on a Greek island.
The kri kri is an endangered species and the Cretans have given it its own little private island, where it can breed happily away to provide recruits for the gorge.
Bullet holes in walls and tales of sheep-rustling - still common - are proof of the fighting spirit of the Cretans.
After passing through 22 road blocks and driving for several hours, Moss and some of the Cretans left the car and set off with Kreipe on foot towards the mountain village of Anogia.
Cretans are delighted to play host to anyone on their island, but they are not happy to be subjugated, exploited, made fun of, or generally messed about.
Cretans quench their thirst with fruity red wine as well as water.
She demonstrates how, as assimilation of various kinds took place, Greek Cretans penetrated the ruling and feudal elites not only on the island but by emigrating to Venice itself.
After further unsuccessful airborne attempts, Moss and the Cretans eventually arrived two months later -- by sea.
4), and Cretans who made and exported the malmsey in which the Duke of Clarence drowned so famously in the 15th century; indeed the best wine which Rackham & Moody tasted in Crete 'can be best liken to an old dessert sherry, worthy of the Duke of Clarence'