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a native or inhabitant of Crete

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My house grew apace and I became a great man among the Cretans, but when Jove counselled that terrible expedition, in which so many perished, the people required me and Idomeneus to lead their ships to Troy, and there was no way out of it, for they insisted on our doing so.
He said he had seen Ulysses with Idomeneus among the Cretans, refitting his ships which had been damaged in a gale.
com)-- Creta Maris Beach Resort impressed the visitors of Brussels Holiday Fair during a two-day event dedicated to Cretan gastronomy, which took place on the 2nd & 3rd February, in Brussels, in the presence of the Greek Tourism Minister, ?
Classically-trained cellist, Cretan Lyra performer, improviser and composer Yiorgos Kaloudis will perform a concert in Nicosia on Saturday as part of a programme that will make us discover and experience art emotionally.
The Cretan Epimenides is supposed to have said: "All Cretans are liars.
Berth occupancy was observed at the port at forty seven percent on Thursday where a total of seven ships namely ships CMA CGM Corneille, Diamond Sea, Hoanya Wisdom, Cretan Wave, Globe Tanya, CT Confidence and New Naxos are currently occupying berths to load/offload containers, cement, rice, sun flower seeds, LPG, palm oil respectively during conainters, cement, rice, sun flower seed, LPG, palm oil and furnace oil respectively during last 24 hours.
Berth occupancy was reported at the port at 60% on Wednesday where a total of nine ships namely ships Maersk Genoa, MSC Silvana,Diamond Sea, Hoanya Wisdom, Cretan Wave, Lime Glaxy, Globe Tanya, Valor and New Naxos are currently occupying berths to load/offload containers, cement, rice, sun flower seeds, LPG, chemicals and furnace oil respectively during last 24 hours.
A mother and baby orangutan, saved from the burnt-out forests of West Borneo and found days away from starving to death, are treated by workers with British charity International Animal Rescue A Chinese lion dancer and a diver in Monkey King costume strike a pose as part of Chinese New Year celebrations at Aquaria KLCC underwater park in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia pi fg| Above and left, some of a contingent of 800 angry Cretan farmers clash with riot police during a protest outside Agriculture ministry in Athens yesterday.
Forensic tests are currently ongoing on a huge stash of chemicals uncovered from a dilapidated home on Cretan Road, in Wavertree.
8) In an article on the Cretan insurrection itself, Saab attributed to "the Porte's skilful diplomacy" and "British perceptions of the alternative" to Ottoman rule the absence of calls for an anti-Turkish crusade in Britain during the late 1860s.
The Cretan chef brings 25 years of cooking experience to the Dubai based restaurant.
This unique nature, a fruitful blend of sun, sea and the mountain terrain inspired Cretan people to develop their own culinary scene which was also the foundation of the Mediterranean diet.
Rhyton Cretan Thyme Honey is a winner on two different fronts: as a first-quality specialty gastronomic product, and as an outstanding example of how to label and pack such a product.
Familiary with the fundamentals of the craft is generally presumed, although a brief introduction does refresh the reader's memory on stitch symbols, as well as how to make basic stitches (including backstitch, right-hand stitch, chain stitch, chevron stitch, cretan stitch, and many more).