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a native or inhabitant of Crete

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My house grew apace and I became a great man among the Cretans, but when Jove counselled that terrible expedition, in which so many perished, the people required me and Idomeneus to lead their ships to Troy, and there was no way out of it, for they insisted on our doing so.
He said he had seen Ulysses with Idomeneus among the Cretans, refitting his ships which had been damaged in a gale.
I may believe that Columbus crossed the Atlantic, that all Cretans are liars, that two and two are four, or that nine times six is fifty-six; in all these cases the believing is just the same, and only the contents believed are different.
When you get right down to it, the Cretan diet was near-vegetarian.
In the just-released October AMERICAN JOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGY, project director Elpida Hadjidaki of the Archaeological Museum of West Crete in Hania suggests the harbor, an excavated basin connected to the sea by a now-dry channel, "was one of the famous Cretan pirate nests, possibly one of those destroyed by Romans in the mid-first century B.
Crete is also a treasure house ofByzantine-Orthodox church architecture; indeed, motoring thorough the rugged Cretan countryside (the roads themselves are excellent) reveals a chapel in almost every stony, forlorn field or olive grove.
Karol brings a strong loan operations background at larger regional banks," said Cretan, "to her new role with Tamalpais Bank.
Adaptation of the classic Cretan tragedy by Georgios Chortatsis.
He wanted to explore the mountain villages of the interior, and Paddy gave him the names of all his old brothers in arms in the Cretan resistance.
The specialist of the Cretan Bronze Age will find much of interest here, although several interpretations are, naturally, open to question.
The eateries that we chose, including our hotel, all carried a cracking list of entirely Greek wines with a large percentage of them being Cretan.
of Victoria, Canada) presents an edition, with facing pages of English translation, of Iatrosophion by Cretan healer Nikolaos Konstantinos Theodorakis.
Under the PLUS rules, Cretan is required to give shareholders a
The museum is a lasting monument to the heritage and culture of Crete, embracing traditional dwellings including farmer's and merchant's houses, a chapel windmill, an olive oil press, ceramic workshop, open-air theatre, a library stocked with books on Cretan folk culture, and much else besides.
His family believe he was buried by Cretan villagers eager to respect the bravery of unknown soldiers.