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from 135 million to 63 million years ago

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This New Brunswick deposit, because of its similarity of geological setting and lithological content to some Nova Scotia deposits, has been thought to be of Cretaceous age (see, for example, Atlantic Geoscience Society 2001), but this age has not previously been confirmed by direct evidence.
In the early 1980s it was established that lower formations of the Cretaceous age were part of the Rumaila structure.
Multiple Cretaceous Age Targets (Deep Basin) - Western Alberta" will be Rose's topic.
The Aje field was discovered in 1996 and revealed oil and gas reservoirs, of Cretaceous age, in water depths of 100 to over 1,500 metres.
It has over 165 wells in several reservoirs of the Middle Cretaceous age, from Rumaila A limestones with 27-28 deg.
Its primary targets were the Cretaceous age La Luna and Tablazo/Paja tight oil formations.
23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Hyperdynamics Corporation (NYSE: HDY) today announced the Sabu-1 exploration well offshore Republic of Guinea was drilled to a total subsea depth of 2,224 meters,putting the well near the top of Cretaceous age sediments, and that the next string of 13-3/8 inch casing was successfully set.
Nyuni-2 was spudded on 17 June 2011 using the Caroil Rig-6, to target Lower Cretaceous age Neocomian (earliest Lower Cretaceous) sandstones, similar to those found in Bounty's nearby Kiliwani North gas field and in the producing Songo-Songo gas field.
Frontera's primary reservoir targets are located in the Cretaceous age carbonate rocks, with secondary reservoir targets in the Jurassic, Miocene and Pliocene age clastic rocks.
Hudson Hills oil and gas production from the Cretaceous age Navarro sandstone in Central Texas has been established.
The exploration well, which allowed the discovery of Melehia West Deep 1X, was drilled to a depth of 4,175 meters, meeting a 20 meters net mineralized accumulation of light oil in the Lower Cretaceous age of the Alam El Bueib formation.
The gold bearing replacement pyrrhotite-pyrite-silica mineralisation (from 2 to 30 metres width intersected in drill holes to date) dips towards the inferred source intrusive of Cretaceous age 1.
The host rocks are shales and feldspathic sandstones of the Cambrian Harmony Formation that have been intruded by a granodiorite stock of probably Cretaceous age.
The Hamza field, Jordan s only producing field, produces at a daily rate of 25 barrels per day from the calcareous Hummar Formation which is of Cretaceous age.
The objective of the drill programme was to test Ross River's reinterpretation of the dip, strike, width and continuity of this particular structure and related mineralisation and its relation to an altered Cretaceous age quartz monzonite stock and sills extending two kilometres to the west.