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from 135 million to 63 million years ago

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This Cretaceous furball displays the entire structural diversity of modern mammalian skin and hairs.
2 million cubic feet of rich (over 1400 btu) natural gas from the commingled lower cretaceous Buda, Georgetown, Edwards and Glen Rose formations.
It has almost 35 wells in three carbonate Fms in Mid-Cretaceous Mishrif dolomitic limestones, an under-lying Rumaila A limestone, and a Lower Cretaceous Ratawi limestone with 35.
Additionally, since Leinkupal laticauda apparently lived much later than its North American and African cousins, its existence suggests that the supposed extinction of the Diplodocidae around the end of the Jurassic or beginning of the Cretaceous period didn't occur globally, but that the clade survived in South America at least during part of the Early Cretaceous.
The Cretaceous was an era of relatively warm climates and high sea levels which created numerous shallow inland seas, while dinosaurs ruled on land, ending with mass extinction.
This new species is important in our understanding of bird evolution because although there are a number of bird groups described from the late Cretaceous, most belong to groups not present on earth today," Dr.
Successful test of Krim's Cretaceous C and D sands should deliver
At that time, almost half of Colombia had a gradual marine flooding that lasted, in the west, until the end of the Cretaceous Period.
Despite being Cretaceous in age, Malawania represents the last-known member of a kind of ichthyosaur long believed to have gone extinct during the Early Jurassic, more than 66 million years earlier.
After comparing the fossil with other pterosaurs (some illustrated below), the team estimates in the April Cretaceous Research that this C.
Three new prospects have been identified to date, named Apollo, Hermes and Hercules, all within the lower Cretaceous Tan Tan intervals.
New paleogeographic and chronologic records of previously described and indeterminate Cretaceous cypraeid species are also listed.
Named Samrukia nessovi, it represents one of the largest birds known from the Cretaceous period, a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth.
MPC), has produced since 1955 from Cretaceous carbonates: the fractured Shiranish marly limestone of the Maestrichtian/ Campanian (Upper Cretaceous) age where 32 deg.
Until now only a few dozen Cretaceous ichneumonids have been described, and these are entirely from Asia.