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3 m) than Red-tailed Hawk and Crested Caracara nest sites (Table l).
Crested Caracara nest sites were similar to those of White-tailed Hawks as they were primarily within savannas, but were in slightly taller (TREEHT: 5.
Complete separation of nest sites was apparent between White-tailed and Red-tailed hawks, whereas Crested Caracara nest sites shared characteristics with those of the other two species (Table 1, Fig.
The overall correct classification of each species' nest sites was high (89% compared to the 33% prior probability of correct classification); within species, 88% of White-tailed Hawk, 97% of Red-tailed Hawk, and 79% of Crested Caracara nest sites were correctly classified (Table 2).
10) between Crested Caracara nest sites and paired, random sites.
Crested Caracara constructed nests near the middle of trees, and those trees had more live branches and leaves than those at White-tailed Hawk nests.
Four healthy adult southern crested caracaras with a mean weight of 1.
25 [micro]g/mL, (15) With these data, the optimal dose of enrofloxacin in southern crested caracaras was then calculated by means of the following equation (9): [dose = (AUC/MIC * Cl * MIC) / (F * 24 h)].
In southern crested caracaras, enrofloxacin presents a volume of distribution at steady-state ([V.
Although quinolones are reported to produce tissue irritation in other species, signs of pain or lameness were not observed after IM administration of enrofloxacin in southern crested caracaras.
The optimal dose of enrofloxacin in southern crested caracaras, estimated by means of an equation previously suggested (16) for the treatment of infections against microorganisms with MIC = 0.
Data on the pharmacokinetics of enrofloxacin in birds of prey are scarce, and no specific pharmacokinetic information has been documented for southern crested caracaras.