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a genus of tropical American trees of the family Bignoniaceae

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1997 as a secondary metabolite in Crescentia cujete L.
Crescentia alata fruit have antifeedant activity and cause mortality in treated Spodoptera frugiperda larvae.
Phytochemical and bioactive fractions of Crescentia alata fruits.
Percent mortalities of Spodoptera frugiperda larvae caused by Crescentia alata fractions incorporated into a meridic diet.
There's something very welcoming about the Goan restaurant's home- like feel and the natural warmth of the couple who run it -- Chris Fernandes, who was a sales manager at Philips before he chose to answer his real calling, and Crescentia Scolt Fernandes, his wife who used to be with the Unicef's India Office before she decided to join her husband in a culinary journey that started with a pickle factory.
For many of us, Gurgaon is like another planet, especially because of the deathless wait at the toll, but Bernardo's had to move to DLF Phase- IV because Chris and Cres, as Crescentia is better known as, live in Farrukh Nagar near the Sultanpur bird sanctuary, which is an hour's drive from Millennium City, because of their extended family of 40 dogs.
stem), Callichlamys latifolia (Richard) Schumann (stem), Crescentia amazonica Ducke (stem), Cydista lilacina A.