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Most of us are familiar with the semi-legendary "crescent hammer" that emerges when you have something that needs pounding and all you have handy is a crescent wrench.
Made of stainless steel, the SpydeRench features an adjustable 9/16-inch crescent wrench.
The mistake is I sit here insisting that the God I put faith in carry a truckful of paraphernalia across my life when I know there is no herald signal or messenger appointed to such a task when I recognize the id as more than some crescent wrench encouraging domestic violence when I believe the great Digger Wasp is not aiming to lay his troubled egg upon my upturned belly The mistake is I have said once too often there's a flashlight under the driver's seat when I had meant to utter I'm walking in the pitch I'll return with solace or at the very least a spare tire Don't worry
He then goes on to say a "bouncer in Birmingham hit me in the face with a crescent wrench five timesO and my wife's boyfriend broke my jaw with a fence post, so if you don't buy a trailer from meO it won't hurt my feelings.
Kevin Shannon Jones, 26, was convicted Tuesday of seven second-degree assault and three felony coercion charges for burning the 8 1/2 -months pregnant woman with a lighter, striking her with tongs and a crescent wrench, cutting her with a knife, shaving her hair and eyebrows, putting hot sauce in her eyes, pulling her tooth and holding a machete to her throat.
After his historic solo transatlantic flight in 1927, even Charles Lindbergh was quoted as saying he carried only "gasoline, sandwiches, a bottle of water, and a Crescent wrench and pliers.
After unscrewing the locking tab (step 1), use a crescent wrench to undo the center nut and bolt.
Crowds were awestruck as spoons and a crescent wrench were put into the HydroMaid without damaging the spoons, wrench or HydroMaid, demonstrating the HydroMaid's amazing engineering and durability.
Usually, a screwdriver and crescent wrench are the only tools you need.
Workshop Tools: Colorful hammer, crescent wrench, monkey wrench and
She can spin a ride or wield a crescent wrench with the best of them, but Michel Ackermann is no tattooed, gruff-talking, sun-baked "carny.
Jesse Clift slung a crescent wrench through the hip loop of his canvas work pants, grabbed a socket wrench and began bolting a photovoltaic module to a steel mount on the roof at the Center for Appropriate Transport.