adjustable spanner

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an adjustable tool for gripping hexagonal nuts, with an adjustings crew in the head of the implement

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Carol and her crescent wrench work bench wooden fence wide stance Carol and her pipe wrench pipe smoke pipe line high climb smoke eyes chicken wire Carol and her hack saw well worn torn back bad spine never--mind timberline clear mind
An adjustable crescent wrench, a full set of Allen wrenches, blade and Phillips screwdrivers and even a broadhead wrench are fitted neatly into the new Field Tool from Jim Fletcher Archery.
5" Guppie revolves around a crescent wrench as it's main feature, with a host of interesting functions thrown in.
I never envisioned carrying a 14-inch crescent wrench around in the winter so I could beat the ice off the tires in order to make headway.
The metal shop students at Pierce College, whose story can be found on page 4 have, coming up with a simple change for the crescent wrench that, with the flip of a thumb-level lever, will lock the jaws of said wrench open, making it easy to turn a bolt more than once.
In one episode, the contestants met Jenny Shimizu, the butch lesbian icon probably equally known for her bare-chested CK One ads as for the 4-inch tattoo of a sexy pinup girl straddling a crescent wrench on her upper arm.
Unfortunately, I believe in my crescent wrench so much that I often try to use it for tasks it is not well designed for.
Many techs also carry an adjustable crescent wrench, in case they're not sure of the size of the nut," Hawes adds.
At one end is an adjustable crescent wrench that can open up to 9/16-inch.
If you have a screwdriver, a crescent wrench and a hammer you can service this equipment.
It appeared that a tool such as a crescent wrench had been used to bend one end of the pipeline out, and the joining end of the next pipe joint in, before the two pieces were pushed together and welded.
Made of stainless steel, the SpydeRench features an adjustable 9/16-inch crescent wrench.
She soon returned with a toolbox and we all laughed when he pulled out a Crescent wrench.
To overcome the considerable friction during this process, I jammed together two hex nuts on one end of the rod so I could turn it with a crescent wrench.
The mistake is I sit here insisting that the God I put faith in carry a truckful of paraphernalia across my life when I know there is no herald signal or messenger appointed to such a task when I recognize the id as more than some crescent wrench encouraging domestic violence when I believe the great Digger Wasp is not aiming to lay his troubled egg upon my upturned belly The mistake is I have said once too often there's a flashlight under the driver's seat when I had meant to utter I'm walking in the pitch I'll return with solace or at the very least a spare tire Don't worry