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the sharp sound of snapping noises

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Chest auscultation revealed no crepitations and her vitals were stable throughout with urine output of 1400 ml in 24 h.
His chest examination revealed bilateral diffuse crepitations.
This is always a problem in studies of pneumonia, where no absolute 'gold standard' test for diagnosis exists--chest x-rays may mislead, and lung crepitations have certainly been earlier reported in children with dehydration, who do not have pneumonia (18).
He was dyspnoeic (Kussmaul respiration) and tachypnoeic, respiratory rate of 50 Cycles/minute, breath sound was vesicular and no crepitations.
3] Clinical findings may include swelling, pain, fever, erythema, induration, crepitations, sloughing of the skin, or a blistering and purulent collection.
In the initial pulmonary auscultation, three of the 17 children had symmetrical vesicular murmur, and 14, asymmetrical vesicular murmur, reduced or absent; and 14 presented associated adventitious sounds, as for example, crepitations and rhonchi.
On auscultation of chest there were bilateral crepitations all over the lung fields.
Physical examination revealed bilateral coarse crepitations, wheezes and the use of accessory respiratory muscles.
Nineteen weeks after the initial injury, this patient demonstrated pain free active ranges of motion in the shoulder with only slight crepitations at the scapulothoracic interface and a DASH score reduced to 5% disability.
Additional sounds, called crepitations, that resemble crackling or bubbling are caused by fluid in the lungs.
On systemic examination bilateral crepitations and sluggish reflexes were noted.
Chest examinations were normal except basal crepitations in both the lungs.
Chest examination revealed coarse crepitations till midzone bilaterally.
On examination large volume peripheral pulses, raised jugular venous pressure (5 cm), bi-basal crepitations, and bilateral ankle oedema were elicited/identified.