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A Guinness World Records spokeswoman said: "We are delighted to be able to ratify the achievement of the tallest Crepis plant.
Des son entree dans cette piece aux murs epais crepis a la chaux, le P.
Le monastere des Ursulines, dont l'exterieur a peu change depuis le debut du XXe siecle, a neanmoins ete decape de son crepis il y une trentaine d'annees, dans une saison de decapage materiel et symbolique peu comprise a ce jour.
Variation in heteroblastic succession among populations of Crepis tectorum.
Cytogenetic effects of heavy metal ions on Crepis capillaris seeds.
The effects of achene dimorphism on the dispersal in time and space in Crepis sancta (Asteraceae).
Species good for cutting are Cosmos of all forms, but try Cosmos 'Double Click' and 'Psyche White'; aster, bedding-dahlias, godetia, clarkia, sweet William, Brompton stocks, sunflowers, Rudbeckia hirta 'Kelveden Star', Rudbeckia hirta 'Green Eyes', Rudbeckia hirta 'Prairie Sun', Scabiosa 'Ebony & Ivor', Coreopsis grandiflora 'Early Sunrise' and Mayfield Giant', Sweet-smelling Resedia odorata, Crepis aurea, Gaillardia pulchella, Centaurea cyanus (cornflowers) and Larkspur.
hookeri, Chaenactis douglasii, Crepis accuminata, Engeron aphanactis, Enogonum umbellatum, Phalecia heterophylla, Rorippa nasturtium- aquaticum, Salix exigua Leptotes Marine Blue Medicago sativa marina Allium textile, (Reakirt) Centaurea maculosa, Lycaeides Melissa Blue Chrysothamnus melissa (W.
A member of Northumberland Wildlife Trust found five Northern Hawk's-beard, or crepis mollis plants, at one of the Trust's smallest nature reserves, the Williamston Nature Reserve at Slaggyford on the South Tyne.
A member of the dandelion family, Crepis sancta naturally produces two kinds of seeds.
Gustav Vilbaste admits that, although people have reported that arnica was growing in the local forest, they have meant different local plants from such genera as Leontodon, Hieracium, Crepis, Solidago (Vilbaste 1993:174).