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active beetle typically having predatory or scavenging habits

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The specimens are representatives of two suborders (Adephaga and Polyphaga), four families (Carabidae, Scarabaeoidea, Staphylinidae, and Silphidae), including six genera and six species: three Harpalus herbivagus (Say, 1823) specimens, two Temnoplectron involucre (Matthews, 1974) specimens, seven Aleochara pacifica (Casey, 1893) specimens, seven Silpha carinata (Herbst, 1783) specimens, two Calosilpha bicolor (Fairmaire, 1899) specimens, and three Creophilus maxillosus (Linnaeus, 1758) specimens.
Creophilus maxillosus (hairy rove beetle)--Rove beetles visit the cowpat to eat maggots.
X ornatus (Blanchard) Familia Staphylinidae Creophilus X maxillosus (Linnaeus) (a) Philonthus X longicornis Steph (a) Familia Tenebrionidae Megelenophorus X americanus (Lacordaire) * (a) Salax lacordairei X Guerin, M (a) Trichoton roigi X Ferrer & Moragues (a) Hylithus tentyroides X Lacordaire (a) Blapstinus X punctulatus Solier (a) Familia Trogidae Omorgus suberosus X X (Fabricius) (a) Omorgus ciliatus X (Blanchard) (a) Orden Hymenoptera Familia Formicidae Subfamilia Formicinae Camponotus mus Roger X Camponotus sp.
4 1 05-12 Belonuchus formosus (Gravenhorst) 1 06-03 Bisnius blandus (Gravenhorst) 1 05-19 Carphacis intrusus (Horn) 2 05-05 to 06-23 Creophilus maxillosus (L.