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A foray into the former appears to have been attempted with the reference to creolization, though this is unconvincing.
Cultural creolization in the Caribbean, most commonly understood as processes of cross-cultural exchange, has presented significant challenges to literary-theoretical discourse.
A way to improve the cultural state of the West is to implement creolization as a reading practice so points of similarity can be located in cultural difference.
Creolization, along with the similar concepts metissage and hybridity have been of major concern to recent students of colonial and post-colonial societies.
Intentionally infusing his works with a creolization that specifically targets the West Indian paradigm (imported experience through British history), Brathwaite re-appropriates ideas of African experience.
After examining the Census question in more detail, one might hypothesize that many Indo-Caribbean people do not see themselves as South Asians; however, because of the creolization process, it is possible that some might not consider their ethnic roots as connected to mother India.
As NEW WORLD KNOWLEDGES BORN OF double consciousness, creolization, and border thinking bring us all to globalizing crossroads of transition, repertoires emergent from "the plantation complex" offer some of the most deeply tested and flexible means for navigating a world of multiple origins and dislocations.
Language Creation and Language Change, Creolization, Diachrony, and Development.
By discussing the Afro-Cuban mutual-aid associations in the nineteenth century and emphasizing Afro-Cubans as active participants in "changing history," Howard successfully demonstrates the creolization of ethnic identities as African into a collective racial identity as Afro-Cuban, although he does not present the issues of identity as his major focus in this book.
A connected series of four public lectures Glissant gave in Quebec, Introduction is clear and straightforward in its exposition of such issues as creolization throughout the Americas and on a global scale, relation and its connection to Glissant's rhizomatous theory of culture, the choice of a literary language in a postcolonial climate, and the possible application of chaos theory to poetics.
19), Holes gives a good account and rebuttal of Versteegh's pidginization and creolization hypothesis, with which I agree.
Latin American Spanish: Creolization and the African Connection".
creolization and other lateral language contact phenomena--that problematize the organismic, vertically descendent view of language that admits of entanglement with racial and nationalistic ideologies.
This negation of the positive principles of creolization is connected to the novel's thematic play between the politics of identity for post-indentured Indians in Isabella and the political identity of Ralph and Gurudeva, Isabella's two most famous post-indenture Indian politicians.