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The viewpoints propounded by Glissant on the one hand and Lopes, on the other suggests that the common denominator of creolisation and hybridisation is the rejection of the concept of blood-mixing as a singular autonomous parameter.
I have argued that such visual creolisation results in part from his exposure to an institutional art education, and in part from South Africa's history.
But their co-presence, their mutual imbrication, and their creolisation need to be better appreciated.
It's one way to work the politics of a complex society like Nigeria, but it would be quite a different and audacious outlook for political and social discourse to move away from maintaining and tolerating the country's ethnic difference and social diversity, to actively encouraging the process of creolisation that's happening in spite of the state.
In sum, these different, rather sporadic and changing directions of cultural influences and contacts give the Asva-type bowls an odd impression of a creolisation in style and technique.
Raben 2008 Being 'Dutch' in the Indies: A History of Creolisation and Empire, 1500-1920.
This chapter brings to the fore the complex processes of transculturation and creolisation (ethnogenesis), illustrating how elements from diverse cultures were appropriated, indigenised and re-invented.
Bauer E, The Creolisation of London Kinship: Mixed African-Caribbean and White British extended families, 1950-2003, Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2010
Therefore, considering multiculturalism in its unofficial understanding, it is worth to recall the notion of creolisation that denotes aware usage and mixture of cultural practices and material manifestations of a culture, symptomatic both for dominating, and for the local cultures (Melosik 2007: 15), approached on the neutral ground.
necessarily had to go through the stages of pidginisation, creolisation and decreolization" (2013: 142).
Les ecrits de Mintz et de Richard Price (1976) sur la creolisation confirment en defmitive que ce n'est pas de l'Afrique.
142) understanding of creolisation is useful in this regard too.
Slavery has tainted the elder, and many of his descendants have suffered from blemishes (Le Quatrieme siecle 149), all except Melchior, the product of creolisation.
Par exemple, l'idee de creolite comme phenomene global socioculturel telle que developpee par des auteurs antillais mais non haitiens (Bernabe, Chamoiseau, Confiant, 1989) dans Eloge de la creolite ne represente pas la meme chose que la creolisation du francais telle qu'on la trouve dans l'ecriture de romans haitiens et qui est decrite, notamment, par l'auteur d'origine haitienne Maximilien Laroche (Laroche, 1991).
As the producer of a post-colonial text, Mda refuses to replace one set of binaries with another, but instead sets in motion a process of open-ended dialogue between the indignant patriarchalism of the South African state towards the existence of so-called mixed-race people on the one hand, and the subversive delight in creolisation taken by so many postcolonial texts on the other.