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a person of European descent born in the West Indies or Latin America

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a person descended from French ancestors in southern United States (especially Louisiana)

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a mother tongue that originates from contact between two languages

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Hunter was born into a Louisiana Creole people family at Hidden Hill; she started working as a farm laborer when young, never learning to read or write.
Historical romance offers fascinating introduction to 1846 New Orleans, its passionate Creole people, and a beguiling Creole belle named Desiree Bordeaux.
Sybil Kein: Creole people have been leaving New Orleans and other parts of Louisiana for decades now.
Mintz concentrates on the largest segments of the population: Black and Creole people.
It is not quite clear whether she means Christianity hybridised with other Jamaican religious traditions, or the Christianity of the creole people of Jamaica; perhaps the latter, since her next paragraph begins, "In the records of Jamaican slave Christianity .