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a person of European descent born in the West Indies or Latin America

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a person descended from French ancestors in southern United States (especially Louisiana)

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a mother tongue that originates from contact between two languages

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The book's concluding part argues, in line with current understandings of creole genesis, that while African influences are undeniably present in the creoles of Suriname, creoles are nevertheless "rather distinct, in structural terms, from their African roots, as they are from the European lexifiers" (p.
The average yield per hectare of the red creole is 421 bags while yield for the yellow grannex is 1,500 bags,' Laluan said.
5) Thus, Creole also came to mean something better or stronger than other things of the same kind, because if they come from Louisiana, they are "acclimated," and so they are better and stronger.
Ange delivered part of his address in the Creole language of the Seychelles, but President Didier Robert and Vice President Roland Robert on their part delivered part of their address in the Creole language of La Reunion.
Compromise solutions such as the Franciscans' rotation of leadership among creoles, peninsulars, and hijos de provincia (Spanish-born men who entered the priesthood in America) did not satisfy the steadily growing creole population.
S'agissant de l'alimentation, Patrice Cohen (2000) mettait en lumiere le statut identitaire particulier de la cuisine creole reunionnaise percue localement comme un patrimoine collectif situe au-dessus des differences.
While Saint Lucians hold feelings of cultural affinity with the other French Creole-speaking islands of the Eastern Caribbean (Martinique, Dominica and Guadeloupe) and the island's French Creole heritage lives on, the place of Kweyol as a living language is waning.
Historical romance offers fascinating introduction to 1846 New Orleans, its passionate Creole people, and a beguiling Creole belle named Desiree Bordeaux.
Constituting a turning-point from the earlier mixed racial romances to the later white racial romances--and linked to the homosocial economy of white racial identity that structures the first-person autobiographical narrators of "The Secret Sharer" and The Shadow-Line--"A Smile of Fortune" reveals a unique, if also highly unstable Creole identification at the heart of all Conrad's family romances.
The authors in this collection of essays explore the impacts of Creolization on the identities and texts created by Creole elites in the early Americas.
Ledgister, Only West Indians: Creole Nationalism in the British West Indies.
Sybil Kein is a prolific poet, dramatist, musician and scholar of Louisiana Creole culture.
The author then explores how members of Creole communities have fought to acknowledge their unique blend of cultural traditions and heritage, particularly by including Native American lineage, to forge a multiracial ethnic identity and why they choose to define themselves as such.
The manically infections disco of the sharp-suited August Darnall is making its way to Stradbally in the form of Kid Creole & The Coconuts.