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a person of European descent born in the West Indies or Latin America

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a person descended from French ancestors in southern United States (especially Louisiana)

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a mother tongue that originates from contact between two languages

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In late May, visitors can add Jazz 'n Creole to their Nature Island experience.
In this chapter, Beard emphasizes the weaving of oral tradition and Creole folktales in Caribbean theater.
1 tablespoon plus 1/2 teaspoon Creole seasoning (purchased or use the recipe below), divided
The press present were impressed by the diversity that existed in the Creole language, even though the Creole in the four speeches were understood by delegations of all the three Indian Ocean Islands.
He argues persuasively that from the early sixteenth century to the mid-eighteenth century, creoles and peninsulars collaborated and commingled at least as much as they competed, and that the purported conflict between the two groups was a late development, belonging mainly to the era of Ferdinand VI, Charles III, and Charles IV.
The Creole Choir of Cuba perform at Aberystwyth Arts Centre on February 2 and Taliesin Arts Centre, Swansea on February 3
When he realized I meant to splash through the mud, Ti-Jacques gave me a look that in Creole meant, "You are uncivilized.
They were unwelcome however in the Creole enclave of the French Quarter and settled across Canal Street in what is today's business district.
However, most of the population of the non-Spanish-speaking areas of the Caribbean (nS), (3) including Belize (formerly British Honduras), speaks a Creole language.
The manically infections disco of the sharp-suited August Darnall is making its way to Stradbally in the form of Kid Creole & The Coconuts.
At the helm, as he has been for all but one season of the sing-a-long romp, is Kid Creole, aka August Darnell, abandoning his Coconuts for one last stint.
And even for that '82 to '83 period, I was only a baby, so I wasn't really paying attention to Kid Creole yet.
Cajun and Creole Cooking with Miss Edie and the Colonel