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a member of an Algonquian people living in central Canada

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the Algonquian language spoken by the Cree

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means ruining more Canadian rivers, flooding more boreal forest and creating health hazards for a number of Cree Indian communities, we have an obligation to emphatically say 'No'.
Too sick to move or care, the Cree Indian laid there while two elf families sat on either side of him, singing, chanting and hiding the bones.
French Catholic priests, an Algerian Muslim, a Hindu, a Baha'i, a Christian and animist Cameroonian, an Aboriginal from the Central Lands Council of Australia, a Shinto university lecturer, a Polish agnostic, a Cree Indian from Canada--all found themselves in complete agreement on this question.
There were also the children of the Ojibway and Cree Indian Nations.
Eight days earlier, on the Nazko Indian Reserve in central British Columbia, nine Koreans (mostly Presbyterians) and one Cree Indian converged on this tiny community of a handful of homes.
Yvonne Johnson, a 36-year-old Cree Indian mother of three, believes a child molester is in her home, threatening her small children.
A Cree Indian funeral service was held for Johnathan and he was buried in a tribal cemetery.
Sinclair, however, today gives only qualified support to Canada's mammoth Hydro-Quebec project in James Bay, because of the damage to Cree Indian lands.
Medicine Hat was where a Cree Indian medicine man lost his war bonnet in the river during a war with Blackfoot Indians.
Cree Indian Willard Lewis arrived from Canada overweight, out of condition, unknown and proved utterly unworthy of a title shot.
CROSS LAKE, MB, Canada, July 13 /PRNewswire/ - A Canadian Cree Indian Tribe living at Cross Lake, Manitoba, 500 km north of Winnipeg, Canada is inviting media representatives to visit their reservation on the occasion of the Pan-American Games being held in Winnipeg from July 23 1999.
Bowing before the high-tech godhead, Anderson sees us as a culture of information hunter-gatherers, a theme she interweaves with soothing-menacing anecdotes about Cree Indian rituals, cybersex, the Unabomber, Dolly Parton's ``Dollywood'' theme park and sheep cloning.
I remember thinking, `What the heck's a Cree Indian from Alberta going to do with the French language,' " he said.
SIR - I rearrange a quote, from an old Cree Indian saying: 'Only when the last man is killed, has died, when the last river has been poisoned by our blood, and land polluted by chemicals and explosives and churned by tyres and sown with empty shells of death, when our trust has gone and our loved ones perished in the fire from gunships, and the great evil we had lived with before is replaced by an even greater evil hiding under the name of 'Democracy' and the will of the 'People', not our people but those of an alien culture.
The fans in England don't realize he's a Cree Indian from North America.