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trustworthiness with money as based on a person's credit history

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The rating for the city bonds' current credit worthiness - as opposed to its future Rating Outlook - remains unchanged.
Credit worthiness begins with an organization's ability to generate cash flow, as well as its ability to nurture healthy cash reserves.
Mel Marks, chairman and chief executive officer, noted that he believes "the increase in the line of credit, as with the similar increase in August of this year, reflects the Company's significantly improved credit worthiness.
The ECB president urged the nation to take measures at enhancing the country's credit worthiness.
Much as the credit reporting industry relies on scores to determine borrower credit worthiness, the FNIS HQ Score enables lenders, underwriters and investors to accurately assess current and future collateral value, helping them control risk and reduce transaction time.
According to Griffin, this process of educating consumers helps them to better manage their credit history and determine their credit worthiness.
Basically what happened was that there was some kind of situation going on with the brokers where they were inventing things about the borrowers in terms of credit worthiness, and I got caught in the middle of this quagmire.
It is a pleasure to have a major bank like LaSalle demonstrate its faith in our credit worthiness and future prospects.
Comrie said the bond rating agencies look at those departments separately when considering the city's credit worthiness.