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a card (usually plastic) that assures a seller that the person using it has a satisfactory credit rating and that the issuer will see to it that the seller receives payment for the merchandise delivered

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Carlton and Frankel argue that duality in credit card systems may contribute to a more competitive credit card market.
The company released this statement: "Mandarin Oriental can confirm that the credit card systems in an isolated number of our hotels in the US and Europe have been accessed without authorisation and in violation of both civil and criminal law.
TOPCard also attracts much attention and is highly rated from giant size joint- stock commercial banks and foreign-capital financial institutions, it will establish a solid foundation for business expansion on the areas of regional commercial bank, foreign-capital bank and even joint-stock commercial bank credit card systems as well as on other credit card system related business directions.
The guide presents an overview of the different credit card systems, thoroughly illustrates the math behind common fees, and provides a summary of the operational requirements for direct marketers to receive the best possible Interchange rates.
Available at more than 40,000 retailers nationwide, including Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS/Pharmacy, Rite Aid, Radio Shack, Kroger, Ralphs, Food4Less and Fred Meyer, MoneyPak is a reload and payment solution that empowers consumers who don't use conventional banking and credit card systems with electronic cash payment options.
An overview of the different credit card systems and the fundamental concepts behind merchant discounts; -- Interchange rates commonly applicable to direct merchants; -- Mathematical relationships that make it possible for merchants to understand the impact of Interchange on product pricing and other marketing related decisions; and -- The operational requirements for obtaining the best possible Interchange rates.
Modeled after bank credit card systems, FTRANS (http://www.
Chip Thomson, an entrepreneur and PGA tour instructor, invented and owns the rights to the Money Clamp as a stylish solution for golfers and other men who use front-pocket money and credit card systems.
With many ATMs across the region down and debit card and credit card systems not functioning, it was important for our customers to have access to their cash.
Our decision to sell Instreamline is based on this above factor and the fact that Piraeus Bank must continue to focus on its core business of banking while allowing an industry expert such as Euronet to manage its ATMs, POS and credit card systems," said Mr.
It is vitally important for credit card systems to be Year 2000 ready as early as possible.
Now we can serve up targeted advertisement and products to the traffic by interests, language, and credit card systems they would pay through, etc.
The company offers comprehensive ATM, POS and debit card packages, EFT network solutions, interactive voice response, smart card consulting, international credit card systems, and Internet and intranet banking offerings for cash management and home banking.
Eurotech's encryption technology demonstration programs have expanded to include secure firewall and secure credit card systems to complement its highly secure communications encryption technology.
Various terminals, bulk plants and pipelines businesses Worldwide lubricants business Commercial and industrial petroleum products business Credit card systems (including co-branded card)
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