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the first decisive battle of the Hundred Years' War

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With that introduction, we consider this latest offering from Crecy and Specialty Press.
de Crecy about the coming scale-up stage: "Robustness is a key advantage of our development platform.
In a strange coincidence, mirroring one of the central plot lines from Longbow Girl which I dreamed up over four years earlier, I recently discovered that in 1346 the Longbowmen of Llantrisant fought for the Black Prince at the Battle of Crecy and saved his life.
Now Llantrisant Community Council, with the support of Llantrisant Male Choir and Llantrisant Town Trust, have organised an official twinning with Crecy en Ponthieu in northern France.
Murtagh mentioned the Group 2 Blandford Stakes, at the Curragh on September 14, a race won last year by Belle De Crecy, as a possible target for Dalkova.
Kitty (Oona Chaplin, above) helps a patient called Major Crecy, who is lucky to be alive after his troops were slaughtered by the Germans.
JOHNNY MURTAGH stole the show at the Curragh yesterday with a masterful ride on Belle De Crecy in the Group 2 Lanwades Stud Blandford Stakes.
The one specific lesson she mentioned as especially meaningful and memorable was fighting the Battle of Crecy.
bar] 1346 Edward III of England, aided by his son Edward the Black Prince, defeated the French at The Battle of Crecy.
Victories such as Halidon Hill, Neville's Cross, Crecy, and Poitiers not only helped to recover the pride of the English chivalrous class but also secured the reputation of Edward III and the Black Prince.
We're all for se- crecy and building anticipation but after read- ing it all the way through it doesn't reveal what what the new name's going to be.
The character designs are all animals with very human traits, but de Crecy still embraces animal behaviors--Roger the pig ends up on the butcher block, small Salvatore acts like a kicked puppy until he meets Julie.
Directed by Francois Alaux, Herve de Crecy and Ludovic Houplain, Logorama depicts events in a stylised Los Angeles and is told entirely through the use of more than 2,500 contemporary and historical logos and mascots.
Francois Alaux and Herve de Crecy will do a 20-minute live-action film for the latest installment of Ubisoft s big-ticket shooter video game "Tom Clancy s Ghost Recon," titled "Future Soldier," due out for the Christmas holidays.
The theories may seem absurd, but French graphic novelist Nicolas De Crecy makes these hyperbolic observations in order to make a statement describing the condition of contemporary culture.