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The new Civic Type R is Honda's race car for the road and represents Honda's racing spirit and commitment to delivering class-leading performance through creative engineering.
Creative engineering is proving popular, with commissions including gates, railings, sculptures and fire pits which can double as garden barbecues and fires.
The challenge comes down to creative design, creative engineering, and creative execution because the legislative rules and--increasingly--the way we go about building the vehicles is similar for all of us," explains Nesbitt.
In addition, achievement of a BP will stimulate the creative engineering and technical development needed to make fusion energy practical.
One hundred years ago, you might have attempted to answer that question by visiting the Exposition Universelle in Paris, where the most modern of achievements in creative engineering and fine arts went on exhibit for a cosmopolitan crowd.
Creative engineering taught to freshmen is exciting to behold.
This is a remarkable achievement and indicative of the creative engineering discipline here," states Alan Sibert, Dataram director of marketing.
It required creative engineering and countless hours of testing.
They built it themselves by applying some creative thinking, and on occasion some creative engineering.
For this article, we isolated a specific category of foundry operation - iron job shops using induction melting - and asked leading induction equipment suppliers to nominate plants that have implemented cutting edge technology, creative engineering and a lot of common sense to make their meltshops as efficient as possible.
More than 180 million years ago, nature embarked on one of its most creative engineering projects.
MPR possesses nearly 50 years of experience in creative engineering solutions and successful management of projects for nuclear power clients and Gavial has over 30 years of experience in the high-quality manufacturing of safety, and non-safety related instrumentation & controls as well as fabricated mechanical equipment.
PCX will demonstrate first-hand how their workforce uses a broad range of high-speed machining skills and creative engineering knowledge to produce high quality aerospace components and flight critical parts within shortened lead times.
Douglas Park was first designed in 1871 by William Le Baron Jenney, whose creative engineering transformed previously unusable marsh into public park land.
The company's sites in Leeds and Dewsbury - Formtech Creative Engineering and AMA Displays - will remain open for business while administrators seek to find a buyer.
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