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the literal belief in the account of Creation given in the Book of Genesis

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Perspective-tacit knowledge and knowledge conversion: Controversy and advancement in organizational knowledge creation theory.
Foremost work concerning conversion of tacit to explicit knowledge also referred as knowledge creation theory has been undertaken by Nonaka and colleagues.
A few years ago, the then pope invited leading scientists and endorsed the Big Bang theory, as it tallied with the creation theory, and advised them not to probe further as it was an act of God.
In the subsequent two literature weekends authors have debated evolution and creation theory, have spoken about historical figures and poets, about distant places, about fiction and fact.
The Springfield School Board voted 4-1 to adopt "Matter: An Earth Science" as an eighth-grade textbook, despite the contention by board member Bob Johnson that the book favors the evolution theory and fails to give equal treatment to the creation theory of man's origin.
To achieve this, it is necessary to have a 'Ba' for developing and practicing knowledge creation theory (socialization, externalization, combination, internalization) in science and technology research.
The failure of ID creation theory as science is cleverly hidden behind a wall of politically motivated propaganda.
To support his creation theory, Mr Murray quotes the Bible, a book he claims is the word of God.
She said it was not difficult to teach science according to the creation theory, and the Bible showed human beings and dinosaurs had been around at the same time.