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having the color of fresh cream

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The bride looked ravishing in an embroidered cream-coloured anarkali and a sequined gold dress with polki choker necklaces, crown tikkas, cascading hair and her enviable bee-stung pout.
Anyone with kids will attest ' that the beautiful cream-coloured shagpile now resembles a Jackson Pollock print
In a cream-coloured headscarf and a dark suit, Fatma Nabil appeared to read the noon news bulletin yesterday.
The 22-year-old Manchester City striker got Italian designers to customize his 300-pound cream-coloured Voodoo top from Bad Spirit, the Daily Mail reported.
A cream-coloured hard drive resembling a DVD player was also stolen, but the thieves failed to gain access to the safe.
He wore dark jeans and a dirty cream-coloured jacket.
The second suspect had a shaved head, medium build and wore a cream-coloured hooded top.
I was wearing a cream-coloured dress and my sponsor was shouting 'You should have worn the red dress
Its cream-coloured spring flowers are followed by black sloes in autumn.
Many locals took pride in the distinctive cream-coloured work, which became known locally as the Lurpak sculpture because it appeared to be carved out of butter.
The dog is described as a dark-brown collie, with a cream-coloured chest.
The cream-coloured female Labrador has a white tip on her tail and a white spot on her head.
But the goings-on in the ice cream-coloured village have kept many a fractious youngster quiet for those vital few minutes while you catch up on sleep, brew up, cook, iron or just snatch a few precious moments to yourself.
The 73 year-old wheelchair-bound actress, who has had severe back problems in recent years, was dressed in a cream-coloured jacket over a black trouser suit.
These are tiny, cream-coloured mites about one quarter of a millimetre long which feed in buds, shoots and the folds in leaves.