Platystemon californicus

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California plant with small pale yellow flowers

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Suggested retail of The Skinny Cow Low-Fat Ice Cream Cups is $1.
donations on ice cream cups and little white-paper-wrapped wooden
Pack of six Guzzini two-tone ice cream cups, pounds 8, Amaroni, www.
Bear in mind it's easier to keep calories in check with 100-calorie treats like frozen fudge bars or ice cream cups and pre-portioned bags of chips or cookies.
Sunny Mix is presented as "an exotic touch for fruit salads, ice cream cups, and numerous other preparations.
Besides the poppies - which right now have the thickest blooms on south-facing slopes outside the reserve's boundaries - other wildflowers are blooming at the reserve and elsewhere around the valley: pygmy lupines, cream cups, redstem filaree and fiddlenecks.
Included in the gift-ready selection are Praline Cream Cups, Midler Creams, Citrus Segments, Coconut Caprice, Lemon Crisps, and Golden Rings.
Michele Lewis was struck with the entrepreneurial spirit as a kid selling candy and frozen ice cream cups in New Orleans.
April visitors are likely to see cream cups, goldfields, lupine, owl's clover, and tidy tips in bloom.
Products span the store, including kids' Whole Wheat Mini Ravioli with fiber and protein, plant sterol-fortified Apple Cinnamon Granola, and Light Ice Cream Cups containing probiotics.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Amul 65 ml Ice Cream Cups to Mother Dairy, Bangalore.
Drizzle the syrup into the cream cups and decorate with extra berries to serve.
They also have ice cream jumps where kids receive ice cream cups or sandwiches after they jump and play.
VANILLA AND PISTACHIO ICE CREAM CUPS Serves 6 6 egg yolks 150g caster sugar 250ml full-fat milk 250ml double cream 90g of pistachio nuts 2 tsps of vanilla extract 1 Whisk the yolks with half the caster sugar in a large bowl until it's thick and creamy.
Our luscious, yet light cheesecake-flavored ice cream is now available in your own personal serving," says the Blue Bunny Web site about one of its Personals Light Ice Cream cups.