cyclic redundancy check

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an error correction code that is recorded in each sector of a magnetic disk and used to catch errors in the data

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Furthermore, CRC32 is shorter and therefore there is a small chance it will not detect a corrupt file and some classes of errors unlike BLAKE2.
Each individual port or disk zone can be configured to monitor and measure errors such as CRC32 errors, 8B/10B code violations, comma density errors and loss of signal.
The core functions include 50 MHz UTOPIA Slave Interface, Cell Delineation, Cell Assembler, and error correction function cores such as CRC10 and CRC32.
These CRC10 and CRC32 cores each include separate generator and verifier modules that can be used individually or combined.
Pricing for the Corecells are: UTOPIA Slave, $18,000; Cell Delineation and Cell Assembler jointly priced at $12,000; CRC10 and CRC32 jointly priced at $7,000.